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“Long-Beard” Box Call


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“Long-Beard” Box Call

The Hemlock Ridge  “Long-Beard” Box  features a one piece sound chamber that is carved from a solid block of select wood. This box call is made by Hemlock Ridge Craftsman, Terry O’Connell, with meticulous attention to detail. The Hemlock Ridge “Long-Beard” Box is painstakingly hand hewn from a solid block of wood, Neil Cost style. The “Long-Beard” is hand checkered with 20 checks on the lid and sides. This box is finely tuned prior to the application of chalk which attests to the quality of the craftsmanship. Whether you are a new turkey hunter or a seasoned turkey hunting fanatic, you will find the “Long-Beard” Box easy to use and the realism of tone and roll over unmatched in a box. Available in Walnut or Poplar.

Box Calls really shine when you want allot of volume to reach out and locate a tom from atop a high Ridge or through a hollow. They cannot be beat when it comes to volume. Just as all callers however, they can be used effectively, with practice, in just about any situation and can imitate all the vocabulary of the Wild Turkey. The Box call is also the easiest turkey call for the novice hunter learn to use in the turkey woods confidently. A new hunter can pick up one of our box calls sound like a Turkey on their first try.

Box Call Customization

OPTIONAL: Each Box Call may be customized with a Hand Painted Gobbler on the lid of the call, painted by wildlife artist Ava O’Connell of Hemlock Ridge Custom Calls.

Hemlock Ridge Custom Turkey Calls make the highest quality, most realistic sounding wild turkey pot & peg calls, box callers and mouth calls. Every call that leaves our shop is guaranteed to produce realistic turkey talk. Ease of use, consistent two note roll-over and exceptional tone quality, are the hallmarks of every Hemlock Ridge Custom Turkey Call.

**Please note that these calls are custom made to order, not mass produced. Please allow up to two weeks for production.




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