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Papa’s ol’ Slate Call




Papa’s ol’ Slate Call

Papa loved to get into the spring woods long before daylight and set up on an old Tom that we located the night before with his slate call. At first light he would start with some soft tree yelps and gentle clucks from his favorite combination; a walnut pot, topped with some smooth Pennsylvania deep mined slate. This combination results in sweet, soft, yelps, clucks and purrs. Papa is no longer with us, but his spirit is sitting beside us every day in the workshop and on every spring hunt.

Pot & Peg Callers are hard to beat when it comes to subtly coaxing a wary tom into a commitment with some “love talk”. In the right wood / surface combination they can also be capable of cranking up the volume. In the turkey woods the Pot & Peg caller is my medium range, come to papa, caller.

The most important thing any turkey call must have is a good “break or roll over”. The yelp has two distinct syllables or notes. It has a high and a low note. The distinct point where the note changes from high to low is called the break, or roll over. A good quality turkey call has realistic, distinct roll over. All Hemlock Ridge Custom Turkey Calls have exceptional realistic roll over and the finest tone. You cannot tell the difference between these turkey calls and a real wild turkey in the woods.

The Hemlock Ridge “Papa’s ol’ Slate” comes with a two piece matched striker.


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