Hemlock Ridge Custom Game Calls

Box Turkey Calls

Custom Handcrafted Box Turkey Calls are available in both Neil Cost style, (Body hand carved from a solid block of wood), or Lee style, (Glued body). Both are handcrafted by Game Call Craftsman Terry O’Connell.

Hemlock Ridge Calls offers only the highest quality, most realistic sounding calls. Whether you are coaxing in a wary Tom with subtle turkey talk, locate a gobbler from a windy Appalachian ridge top, lure in a trophy buck or bag a cunning and elusive predator, a Hemlock Ridge Custom Call™ will get the job done. Every call that leaves Every call that leaves the workshop is guaranteed to realistically duplicate the game you are hunting. Ease of use, and exceptional tone quality and realism are the hallmarks of every Hemlock Ridge Custom Game Call.

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