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Field Grade Custom Turkey Call


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Online Custom Turkey Call Builder

Field Grade Pot & Peg

Made to order

Select the Surface, Soundboard and wood for your Custom Turkey Call. Game Call Craftsman Terry O’Connell will build your call and then personalize it by laser etching your name and message on the back of the call.

Custom Turkey Call Hemlock RidgeYour call can be crafted in your choice of Domestic Hardwoods; Walnut or Cherry or Exotic Hardwoods such as; Yellowheart, Purpleheart, or Zebrawood. Call Surfaces available are Slate, Glass, Crystal, Anodized Aluminum, Ceramic or Copper.

Your Hemlock Ridge Custom Turkey Call comes with a one piece turkey call striker matched and tuned to the call that you order. Every Custom Turkey Call that leaves our shop is guaranteed to produce realistic turkey talk. Ease of use, consistent two note roll-over and exceptional tone quality, are the hallmarks of every Hemlock Ridge Custom Turkey Call.

Quality Craftsmanship & Sound Realism

Hemlock Ridge Calls offers only the highest quality, most realistic sounding calls. Whether you are coaxing in a wary Tom with subtle turkey talk, locate a gobbler from a windy Appalachian ridge top, lure in a trophy buck or bag a cunning and elusive predator, a Hemlock Ridge Custom Game Call™ will get the job done. Every call that leaves our shop is guaranteed to realistically duplicate the game you are hunting. Ease of use, and exceptional tone quality and realism are the hallmarks of every Hemlock Ridge Custom Call.

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Call Body

Cherry, Purpleheart, Walnut, Yellowheart, Zebrawood

Call Surface

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