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Multi-Pack Custom Strikers



Multi-Pack Custom Strikers

Pack of three standard, Two Piece Custom Strikers. 1-Each, Purple Heart, Hickory & Acrylic.

About our STRIKERs

All Hemlock Ridge Custom Pot & Peg Calls come standard with a two piece striker that has been selected for the particular pot call. The length of the striker as well as the wood species of the rod and weight of the bell, play an important role in the tone and pitch of the call.

In order to make it easier for you to select a custom striker for a call that you already use we make two main combinations; Purple Heart and Hickory. We also carry Acrylic and carbon which are recommended for wet or damp conditions with surfaces such as glass, crystal, aluminum and copper.

Our Purple Heart two piece striker has a medium to high pitch, while the Hickory generally has a lower pitch. This is a basic rule of thumb and of course is dependent on the configuration of the pot body surface, chamber, etc.

Hemlock Ridge Custom Turkey Calls make the highest quality, most realistic sounding wild turkey pot & peg calls, box callers and mouth calls. Whether you are coaxing in a wary Tom with subtle turkey talk or trying to locate a gobbler from a windy Appalachian ridge top, a Hemlock Ridge Custom Call™ will get the job done. Every call that leaves our shop is guaranteed to produce realistic turkey talk. Ease of use, consistent two note roll-over and exceptional tone quality, are the hallmarks of every Hemlock Ridge Custom Turkey Call.


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